in the words of the wonderful lyricist Bernie Taupin, sorry seems to be the hardest word. Especially if I have to say it many times in one intro. There are a number of inaccurate or potential litigation-bait statements on this week’s program and I’d like to profusely apologize for several of them, but perhaps not all of them.

I’M SORRY #1 : I regret referring to decorated astronaut Sally Ride (above) as “a school teacher” (she was, of course, a physicist) and no, she did not perish on the ill-fated Challenger Space Shuttle. I’d mixed her up with the late Christa McAuliffe.

I’M SORRY #2 : during the show’s first mic break, I claimed Consumer Electronics were playing Hotel Vegas on January 19. The show is in fact, JUNE 19. If this has in any way impacted your January travel, that’s really a shame (but you should really double check this stuff, especially if you’re booking a trip 6 months away, who does that)

I’M SORRY #3 : I suggested that after said event, Hotel Vegas’ patio, “will never be the same”. In reality, absolutely nothing will change.

Hopefully we’ll have some news in the next week or two about this show re : East Village Radio, but to be perfectly honest I am already having difficulty with the program director’s “less talk, more rock” edict. Less so about the rock part (i love following orders about what to play), but less talk likely means fewer opportunities to apologize at the end of the episode. Which means MORE TYPING.

E.S. Dub – Standard Hoodlum Issue (Z Bias mix)
British Murder Boys – It’s What You Hide
Andre Uhl – When It Comes, We’ll See It Coming
Autumns – Interpretive Dance Is A Scam
Enski Boski – The Mercy Killing Conga
Drop Zone – If It’s Green
Weird Weather – The Drunken Monk
Consumer Electronics – Launch Code
Lord Spikeheart – KVLT BRAZEN ft. Brodinski
Dan Melchior – Pyramids
The Sheaves – In Center (X-Static)
The Spatulas – Shedded Life
Susan Alcorn – In Yu
Loren Connors & Alan Licht – At The Top Of The Stairs. pt. 1
Jo Bled – Heroic Dose
Jean-Noël Rebilly & Andrew Chalk – Retour Á Kilbarty