Did i ever tell you about the time I made a dating profile for King Diamond on Christian Mingle? I felt pretty good about the level of detail that went into it, but only a few days went by before the profile was taken down and my account was blocked. While this was less galling than the half dozen or so times I’ve been banned from Yelp, THE JOKE WAS ON THEM because I’ve since mingled with PLENTY of Christians. I’ve even cohabitated with a few (prior to being blocked, anyway).

Anyhow, I attempt to explain all of the above incidents on this week’s show, but had to made some adjustments due to time considerations. Thank you , as always for understanding.

Jac Berrocal – Rock’n’Roll Station
Neutral – Ingen Rätt
UT – I.D.
Wendy Eisenberg – Analogies
Mayo Thompson – Dear Betty Baby
Wednesday – Ghost Of A Dog
Echo & The Bunnymen – Broke My Neck
NNB – Uruguay
Crazy Doberman – Inverted Pyramids Slowly Projected From The Firmament
Pyramidz – Outta Date
CCR Headcleaner – Oxygen
P Wits / A Clark – Less (Excerpt) / VzR – They Call Him King
GG King – Golden Horde Rising
Drugface – Wake Up Call
Billy Woods & The Koreatown Oddity – NFT
Irreversible Entanglements – Lágrimes Del Mar
Loraine James – The Starting Point
Cyanide Tooth – Slow Dance The Abyss
Knifehandchop – I Hate Your Fucking Face
Vapour Theories – Descend Part 1 (for Bailey)