Whether it had anything to do with this program’s staggering popularity or it was a purposeful, malicious act on the part of a rogue state or an ransom-minded hacker, we’ll never know for certain. What we have learned, however, is that Monday’s Mixcloud outage is a cautionary tale for a modern society far too obsessed with convenience. For instance, when was the last time you sought out someone whose slights, real or imagined, have caused you profound psychic damage. And I don’t mean hacking their linked in account, I’m talking about old fashioned legwork. Follow them home. Key their car. Replace their pet anaconda with one that won’t come when called. Anything, fuck, EVERYTHING, to reduce your pathetic, lemming-like devotion to Mixcloud. As the Lewd once sang, it’s time to FREE YOURSELF. Alright, they really sang, “Kill Yourself”, but think of how much more successful that song would’ve been has they opted for a more positive message.

REQ -13 Stereo
Model Home – Night Break
Slikback X Van Boom – Skin Tight?
JK Flesh – Dosshouse
The Notwist – Ship (Odd Nosdam remix)
The Rappin’ Reverend Dr. C. Dexter Wise III – I Ain’t Into That
Emily Robb – Live At Friendship Speedwell
Skogar – No
Strange Gardener – s/t
Camberwell Now – Spirit On Dunkirk
Sachi Kobayashi – Watch A Traditional Something
Jesper Eklow – Said Toadvine
Paprika – Polite Society
Cochonne – KGB
tK – Outpost
Triple Negative – The Bloody Deluge
Camille Emaille – Bekkos
Alan Wilkinson, Simon Fell & Paul Hession – The Alphabet Poised Like Twenty Six Frozen Ducklings
CZN – On An Asset Tip