For episode 72, I’m happy to announce this is the first-ever ALL-REQUEST show, but perhaps not nearly as happy that the majority of the requests were either “go fuck yourself” or “drop dead”. Much like Cronos’ difficulty negotiating with a unruly City Gardens mob, I humbly ask that you refrain from all shouting at me at the same time. I realize I’m not John Gambling, but surely you can understand that it is not possible to fuck yourself and drop dead simultaneously. There’s a precise sequence to these events (as John Gambling demonstrated). Anyhow, I don’t have time to spell it out for everyone, the show is only 2 hours long and if I didn’t get to your request this week, well, maybe you should see if Santa Claus is any happier being abused by strangers.


Laddio Bolocko – How About This For My Hair?
Equipment Pointed Ankh – Chrome Run
Rider/Horse – Tremelo Harm
Stillsuit – Telephone
Church Police – Killing Myself To Live
The 49 Americans – Pledge Of Allegiance
Heavenly Bodies – Contact Binary
Ed Kuepper – Honey Steel’s Gold
Yvette Janine Jackson – Test Flight No. 1
Gundrun Gut + Mabe Fratti – In D
Tucker Carlson’s Jonestown Massacre – Superiorvatn
Claudia Bonarelli – Disarm The Police
Pole – Achterbahn (Shackleton remix)
Joe Colley – Rehearsal For Highspeed Paralysis
Amir Abbey – Dota
@xcrswx – Hard Out