These are confusing times, to say the least (Cronos in Trenton NJ) voice. If I turn on the television, I can either pick a spirited debate about Kyrie Irving’s YouTube recommendations, a panel discussion about who was the worst Nixon Richard, Mojo or Dale, or most confusingly of all, a gang of thugs labeling Coronation Street’s Peter Barlow, “The Wokemeister” for his walking out on an (unnamed) racist band. So the answer, my friends, is NOT turn on the television and be a willing participant in the dumbing down of the human race, instead choosing to embrace this communications medium. Mixcloud is charging me a premium for the privilege of reaching dozens of you and with that in mind, opportunities to underwrite this program will soon be on offer. If you represent some sort of dubious dating app, job-seeker website or you’re a purveyor of 50mg and up Delta gummies, HMU. Everyone has their price, mine just happens to be very reasonable.

Pell Mell – Aero
Rider/Horse – Great Innings
Hammered Hulls – Rights & Reproduction
Les Batteries – Glugmo
Mope Grooves – Inside Out
The Cakekitchen – Bad Bodied Girl
The 2X4’s – Bridgeport Lathe
Bailterspace – EIP (live 9/1/22)
Beau Wanzer – The Table Scrap
Lower Tar – Rite It Off
Emeka Ogboh – No Counterfeit
Sofheso – WRBB
Backxwash – Vibanda feat. feat. Morgan-Paige & Michael Go
Lial – A-A
Shit & Shine – Shipped
Terrie Ex & Jaap Blonk – Ozo 5
Anthony Allman & Dan Melchior – While You Wait
Davy Graham – Jenra
Marisa Anderson – The Low Country
Donald McPherson – A Cartographer’s Dream
Alessandra Novaga – Each Man Kills The Thing He Loves