There’s an old baseball adage that claims the key to successful club management is keeping the players that hate you away from those who are undecided. The same could be said of keeping persons who hate Queensryche’s ‘Operation : MIndcrime’ and W*A*S*P*’s ‘The Crimson Idol’ (ie. me) away from those who attempt to determine which was better (ie. Blackie Lawless, who has revised his earlier opinion on the subject). THIS LINCOLN TOWN CAR’S NOT BIG ENOUGH FOR THE BOTH OF US. Please keep this mind when making holiday party invitations, thank you.

Low – In Metal
Lend me your underbelly – To The Background
Daniel Bachman – Flood Stage
The Intima – Angular Walking
Sunik Kim – Spring Thunder Is Rolling
Horse Lords – Law Of Movement
Low -Disarray
Low – Heartbeat
Container – Treatment ?Hieroglyphic Being – Human Mortality
Tooth Rust – unknown screaming downtime wartime Flowers
Ryuichi Sakamoto – Anger
Jo Bled – Breathe Work
Jessica Ackerly – IV from ‘Wave: Volume 1
Home Secretary – why the British army works
Glands Of External Secretion – Brisbane Rising
Vi’t Tài Chính, Láu Cá, Pilgrim Raid – DTD
Center – Pysyvä