If you’ll allow me to get personal for a moment, last week i was in a hotel room in (Justin Roberts voice) North Carolina flipping channels and came upon the cinematic atrocity known as “Blues Brothers 2000” (1998, dir. – John Landis). It would not be an exaggeration to say this Belushi-less exercise was a full frontal assault on the senses (if not the sensibilities), an insult to human intelligence so explicit, so abject, I’m not sure I can ever listen to music, see film, or hear dialogue the same way ever again. Between the robotic delivery of the corpse-like Dan Akroyd (who’d have been better served toiling as the straight man for a CGI Belushi), a car chase scene so witless it can only be described as “the reverse ‘French Connection’, and a succession of never-ending celeb cameos (BB King! Jimmy Vaughn! Eric Clapton! Dr. John! Steve Winwood! James Dolan’s guitar tech!), it’s gonna be a while (another day or 2, anyway) before I can function properly. On the scale of terrible things John Landis has done in his life (killing 3 people during the filming of “The Twilight Zone”, spawning Max Landis), this arguably the worst. But I’m too tired to argue because I’m still having “Blues Brothers 2000” PTSD and/or breaking my brain into millions of tiny pieces trying to figure out why Travis Tritt is in one of the movie’s  all-universe bands. MISSION FROM GOD, MY ASS. THERE IS NO GOD. WATCH ANY RANDOM 5 MINUTES OF THIS FUCKING MONSTROSITY, I DARE YOU.

Anyhow, there’s no music or dialogue from this film during episode 81 of your favorite streaming radio show but there is roughy 4 minutes of Enthroned stage banter, you’ll just have to wait a little while to get to it (MERRY XMAS, RIGHT?)

Mekanik Kommando – Birds
Brodinski & Reddo – It’s A Go
DJ Spanish Fly – Gitin Ova
Red Brut – Magnesium Dreams
The Doozer – Look After Yourself
Michael Nesmith – Some Of Shelly’s Blues
Modern Nature – Brigade
Whit Dickey / William Parker / Matthew Shipp – Whirling In The Void
Laila Sakini – Easy Does It
CIA Debutante – Faulty Appliances
Phew – In The Waiting Room
Lake Mary – Only Angels, No Masters
Akiko Hotaka – Takuya Nishimura – Ikuro Takahashi – Shiro
Enthroned – Having Fun On Stage With Enthroned
Jeff Parker – Four Folks
Klas Trollius – Fiskhammen
Sly & The Revolutionaries – Cocaine
Korea Undok Group – The Reservoir
Organum – Icon