NY Post sports media critic Phil Mushnick made his distaste for contemporary hip hop well known a long time ago, and while he’s failed to target his parent company’s role in the management of Rawkus Records, Phil continues to take aim at ESPN, particularly in light of the announcement Nas would provide the musical accompaniment to the network’s NFL draft coverage.

Check out Nas’s lyrics on the Internet. I randomly stumbled upon “Ether.” Even by standard gangsta garbage — “F” this and that, loaded with references to black men as “N—-s” and the sexual degradation of young women, homophobic rants, odes to assault weapons and drugs — Nas’s “artistry” is sub-human.

Check it out for yourself. And no accidental or innocents slips of his tongue, such as “chink in the armor.”

I challenge any ESPN or Disney executive to publicly recite the lyrics of Ether, written and performed by Nas, then as publicly state, “Yep, he’s just the guy for us!”

And why does ESPN feel that its NFL Draft coverage needs to be covered by any music, let alone choosing a professional creep? Because he’s popular? So is crack.