Episode number 80 of this show marks the 13th anniversary of the alleged passing of Newport, R.I. socialite Martha “Sunny” Von Bülow. I say “alleged” because this week’s special guest, music journalist & author Alexander Christmas-Barke, clams to possess proof that Von Bülow faked her own death in order to play a pivotal, albeit shadowy behind the scenes role in the Thunder Hill noise community of the early 1990’s. Though Christmas-Barke’s theories have been roundly rejected by historians and Providence scenesters alike, I’ve opted to give him a public forum simply because I’m fucking desperate for the traffic.

There’s music too, in fits and starts (mostly fits)

The Red Krayola – Bad Medicine
Aunt Sally – Essay
Neptune – The Lighthouse
Razorlegs – The Almighty
Repulse Kava – God’s Acre ?Witches – Forget
Unda Fluxit – Chasing The Wind
Emily Robb – Where Is The Foot Of The Bed
Sara Dziri – Vague Realities
Gaul Plus – Motorcycle Angel
Skogar – Passing The Torch
Defcee & Messiah Musik – Pyramid Dust (feat. Convertible Ashley, Joshua Virtue and Freddie Ol Soul),
Saint Abdullah – Glamour Factory (excerpt)
David Goren – Brooklyn Pirates: Neighbourhoods in the Sky, 2014-2021 (excerpt)
Linquency – Sauna
Ellen Arkbro – Leaving Dream
Mabe Fratti – Un Día Cualquiera
Viv Corringham – Imagine Myself Walking With You
Borbetomagus & Voice Crack – Vungavunga
Paal Nilssen- Love / Lasse Marhaug – The Last Exile