I have it on very good authority that animal trans fats really slow down the brain. And with that in mind Russell Simmons’ addition of Col. Sanders to his dance card seems justifiable enough, though there is some irony in the Phat Farm Phounder being the one to bust KFC.

With this latest public relations disaster in mind, perhaps it would behoove KFC’s corporate parent to do everything in their power to regurgiate the popular urban legend of yore; that the former Kentucky Fried Chicken changed their name to the KFC acronym as a tacit acknowledgement that the company had long ceased its slaughter/frying of chickens, instead opting for a genetically modified, headless psuedo-bird.

(Harland mulls over CSTB’s radical proposal while preparing to posthumously edit some embarrassing tidbits from his blog).

It’s gonna have to be the lesser of two evils for KFC, and after we’ve seen what Simmons did to the Republicans in the last general election…they’ll probably have their best year ever.