From the New York Daily News’ Rush & Molloy.

Jewish viewers are still agog over Catholic League President William Donohue’s comments on MSNBC’s “Scarborough Country” the other night.

Asked by guest host Pat Buchanan what he thought of the success of Mel Gibson’s controversial “The Passion of the Christ,” Donahue (above) contended that “Hollywood is controlled by secular Jews who hate Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular. It’s not a secret, okay? And I’m not afraid to say it. That’s why they hate this movie. It’s about Jesus Christ.”

Rabbinical firebrand Shmuley Boteach, who was also on the show, shot back: “That is a bunch of crap. Stop the anti-Semitic garbage.”

Donohue snapped, “Who’s making the movies? The Irishmen?”

The defender of Catholic orthodoxy didn’t stop there. While Donohue said he likes “families” and “nativity scenes,” “Hollywood likes anal sex.”

Though many rational persons will bemoan Donohue’s use of age-old stereotypes, speaking as A Jew, I don’t see the problem here. Donohue credits the Jewish Entertainment Cabal with imposing its deviant values on the rest of America — and it doesn’t stop with anal sex, either. Don’t forget about fisting, three-ways, snuff action, bukkake, etc. all of which are staples of Jewish entertainment. Donohue likes families and nativity scenes? No sweat, why not include them with all of the other subgenres listed above — surely during this, the holy season, some kind of Hallmark Channel made-for-TV film that combined a family, anal sex, a nativity scene and fisting would go a very long way towards bringing our divided country together. It’s all about compromise and being sensitive to each others’ sensibilities. I don’t give a flying fuck about families or nativity scenes (being Jewish and all), but I’m willing to tolerate them if creeps like Donohue will come down off their high horse and allow the Jews their fun, too.