Boston College 73, Maryland 62

In foul trouble early, DJ Strawberry was ice cold, while Boston College F Jared Dudley was hotter than all the records Dave Smallee swiped from the WZBC record library* as the Eagles knocked off no. 23 Maryland earlier today. There’s a particularly cretinous blogger who recently opined the Flutie Hail Mary was BC’s sole contribution to mankind — apparently, ‘ZBC’s early support for the Cocteau Twins carries little weight in certain households. Though back in the day, I think Gary Williams was partial to Modern English.

(* – this is an urban legend, by the way. Kind of like the one about Elton John, Rod Stewart and the stomach pump)

The Big Baby / Kevin Durant Battle has seen Texas’ D.J. Augustin (above) emerge as the game’s high scorer, thus far, with 19 points and the Longhorns clinging to a 59-57 lead over no. 11 LSU (4:19 remaining). I don’t know if he’s made the journey from Reliant Stadium, but if this one goes to OT, I like the notion of letting Vince Young bring it to the hole straight over Glen Davis.

(UPDATE : Texas 76, LSU 75, OT. With all due respect to Kansas’ win over Florida two weeks ago, this is an early Game Of Year candidate. A.J. Abrams hit a pair of huge 3 pointers in overtime, while Davis tried and failed to muscle his way through the paint and missed a pair of shots from close range with less than 30 seconds remaining. Damion James missed both of his free throws, giving the Tigers the ball with 17 ticks left on the clock. Dickie Venereal Disease howled “you’ve got to give it to Davis!” but it was LSU’s Garrett Temple whose bomb hit the front of the rim. James grabbed the rebound, and a Texas team starting 4 freshman has beaten an SEC powerhouse.)

CBS Sportsline’s Gregg Doyel advocates, well, a tad more selfishness from Duke sophmore Josh McRoberts.

“He could be really different when we add the stuff we think we need to add,” said Mike Krzyzewski, who indicated he would be giving the 9-1 Blue Devils something of a makeover over the next 10 game-free days.

The idea of McRoberts getting “really different” is difficult to comprehend, because his game is already so unconventional. He’s a national player of the year candidate who is fifth on his own team in shots-per-minute, going nearly 4½ minutes between attempts. That’s way too long for someone who scores with either hand, shoots 74 percent from the line and is a career 56.7-percent shooter from the field. He ought to be thinking about scoring every time down the floor. McRoberts? He’s thinking about his next pass.