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The Boston Globe’s Shira Springer drags the obligatory vote of confidence for Doc Rivers out of the Celtics’ Danny Ainge, along with quizzing the former about the Allen Iverson trade rumors.

A league source said the Celtics would be very interested in a deal as long as it did not involve Gerald Green. The source said one possible scenario was sending Theo Ratliff, Delonte West, Sebastian Telfair, and Al Jefferson to Philadelphia for Iverson. The salary numbers would work. But whatever happens, Rivers wants it to be sooner rather than later.

“I turned the TV on and there were rumors galore,” said Rivers. “I think I read that Bird, McHale, and Parish were going to be in the deal.

“It’s crazy what’s going on. I hope it gets resolved for a lot of reasons. For every team whose name’s involved, I hope it gets resolved. Two, Al has been great in the league and I hope that it’s resolved for him and the Sixers.”

When asked if he would like to coach Iverson, a diplomatic Rivers said, “I like coaching the guys I coach right now.”

In addition to burying Stevie Franchise (“I™m not sure he does anything positive on the floor. You almost get the feeling that Francis believes he is getting paid per dribble. I just thought of a something positive Francis has done. Ever since he left the Magic, his former team has gotten better,”), the New York Daily News’ Frank Isola might be the first human being to find something nice to say about the owner of the New York Knicks.

Regardless of how you feel about James Dolan as an owner, he can be a pretty funny guy. A few years ago, I was crossing 33rd St., and walked in front of his limousine. Dolan rolled down his window and said, œI can™t afford to run you over.

I told him, œSir, can you just lend me a dollar?

After watching The Montclair Drums of Thunder at halftime of Saturday™s win, I saw Dolan outside the Knicks locker room and he complimented the group, which includes my son.

œIt™s nice to know that someone in your family has talent, he said.

The New York Times’ John Eligon took time this week to quiz The Matrix about his favorite hobby.

Phoenix’ Shawn Marion, 28, has a cartoon DVD collection that he hopes to turn into a library someday.

His stock consists mostly of classics like œHe-Man, œTransformers, œDuckTales, œThunderCats, œHong Kong Phooey and œScooby-Doo.

He also finds the current 3D animation movies entertaining, as well as series like œFamily Guy, œAdult Swim and œThe Simpsons.

Marion™s affection for cartoons began as a child.

œI used to watch cartoons before I went to school in the morning; I used to come home watching them, he said. œI just fell in love with them.

œThunderCats is Marion™s favorite. He bought Season 2, Volume 2 on DVD last week. He is fond of one of the show™s main characters, Cheetara, whose special powers include running fast (she has been clocked at 120 miles an hour) and spinning fast to see past events. Marion (above) likes her for another reason.

œShe™s hot, he said.