(Derrek Lee thanking Nefi Perez in advance for not saying anything about his dad whipping it out)

When he could be celebrating Chicago’s sweep of the fading Dodgers, Ben Schwartz instead turns his attention to Cubs ownership’s propaganda war.

The beleaguered Tribune Corporation, which has struggled in recent weeks to break into the rough and tumble Chicago media world, smacks down all Dusty critics, ie, “Baker Bashers” like CSTB, with Rick Morrisey’s unbiased coverage of his parent company’s own team. According to this, Baker’s only flaw is loyalty. This is one of those lame columns where, when Cub fans dare complain that they haven’t won a World Series in 100 years, we should thank the Trib Co. for not being the as lame as they could be. Just f’n win and I’ll shut up.

Also, Paul Sullivan gets my Pulitzer vote for the headline “Prior’s Swelling Subsides.”