Newsday’s Neil Best watched a lot of hoops last weekend, and he’d really appreciate it if the nation’s basketball announcers would “STOP YELLING AT ME, NOW!”

Give Gus Johnson (above) credit. He pulled off the TV feat of the week. Somehow he was able to call Sunday’s Knicks-Raptors matinee game on MSG after spending all day Saturday screaming so loudly in Lexington, Ky., that CBS should have yanked away his microphone and just flung open the doors of Rupp Arena.

As often happens when Johnson is excited, it was not clear precisely what he said after Ohio State’s Ron Lewis sank a tying three-pointer with two seconds left in regulation against Xavier. After a dozen listens, it might have been, “Makes it! Ooooh!”

It was reminiscent of his frothing at the mouth late in last year’s UCLA-Gonzaga regional final and after the Knicks’ David Lee tipped in a buzzer-beater in the second overtime against the Bobcats in December.

Johnson and Dan Bonner would have been better off conserving energy to discuss pertinent stuff such as whether Ohio State’s Greg Oden should have been called for an intentional foul in the final seconds.

Or why Xavier’s Sean Miller became the latest in a long line of college and pro coaches to commit hoops hara-kiri by refusing to foul an opponent with a three-point lead and the clock winding down. Sigh.