When an allegedly big-time program like Nebraska allows 232 points in 5 weeks, you’d figure the head coach be held responsible. Alas, Bill Callahan (above) received a contract extension back in February, and the man responsible for that fateful decision, athletic director Steve Pederson, was relieved of his duties earlier today.

Though a visit from Texas A&M next Saturday might be just what the defensive doctor ordered for the Huskers, there’s at least one long time booster throwing a minor shit fit over Pederson’s dismissal, as the Lincoln Journal-Star’s Brian Christopherson explains.

Dan Cook said the University of Nebraska-Lincoln isn™t going to get another cent from him.

The 72-year-old™s family name adorns the Cook Pavilion practice field on campus.

I know 99 percent of people are just elated, Cook said. œI wish Nebraska nothing but the best. But they ain™t going to have me around. If they want to take my name off the building or take my plaque down, I don™t give a rat™s ass. I could care less. I don™t have time to go through the misery of people who make dumb mistakes.

œI hope they find a new donor, Cook said. œThey™re going to need to find a new donor. I™m off the roster. Somebody asked me what it™d take to drive me away? I said, ˜I don™t know.™ Well, I just found out what it took to drive me away.