Rough enough for the Sports Putz that Tottenham were slaughtered earlier today ;’s Bill Simmons had the temerity to admit he’d previously found “The Wire”‘s charms elusive, and for his trouble, he’s been Straight Banged. As Joey explains,

When you’re like Simmons–white, from Boston, a graduate of Holy Cross–it probably is easier to partake in your urban escapism through the happy Hollywood lenses. That’s also probably why it’s fun to love Young Jeezy, or Juelz Santana, or even 50 Cent: their drug- and violence-fantasy versions of a bleak world come replete with cartoon renderings of reality and rags-to-riches stories. I mean, they wear gold chains and everything! And that isn’t nearly as daunting as the truth.

Much as I hate to cut Simmons any slack, he’s got slightly more street cred than that. Neither Joey or I have any idea what it is like to matriculate in a city whose most prominent local landmark is a statue of a Boy Fucking A Turtle. A lot of gritty, intense individuals have taken the long walk in Wormtown (Denis Leary, Bob Cousy, Sam Fuller, Jordan Knight) and who are the rest of us to say Worcester’s story is any less compelling than that of David Simon’s Baltimore?