The matter of former Mets farmhand / Brawny towels spokesmodel Joseph Petcka has been acknowledged previously in this space. However, Petcka’s trial on charges of killing his ex-girlfriend’s cat — the actor is claiming self-defense —- took a predictable turn for the morbid yesterday, report the NY Daily News’ Barbara Ross and Dave Goldiner :

On the night Norman was killed, Petcka had been drinking heavily and the couple began quarreling, she said. “You love Norman more than me!” Petcka exclaimed, Lisa Altobelli testified.

She went to sleep and recalled hearing Petcka talking to the cat in a singsong voice, “Norman, Norman, Norman.”

Altobelli said she abruptly woke up after Petcka kneed her in the side and grabbed her neck. He claimed the cat had bitten him.

She took her purse and ran out of the apartment after warning Petcka to leave or she would call the police, Altobelli said.

The last thing she saw, she said, was Norman looking plaintively at her. “I honestly thought he [the cat] would be right behind me,” she said. “I thought he would flee.”

An ASPCA official is expected to testify Thursday that the cat died from an extensive beating that caused broken ribs and massive internal injuries.