Admittedly, this isn’t much of a story, but I couldn’t resist the headline.  From

A fellow IRL driver says Danica Patrick has what it takes to succeed if she switches to the paint-swapping world of NASCAR and she’s plenty aggressive in open-wheel racing when it’s “the right time of the month.”

Ed Carpenter (above), who trails Patrick by four slots in the IRL IndyCar Series’ points race, made the comment when asked how Patrick might handle NASCAR racing during a radio appearance to promote Saturday night’s Firestone Indy 200.

“I think Danica’s pretty aggressive in our cars,” Carpenter said Wednesday on WGFX-FM in Nashville.

“I mean, you know especially if you catch her at the right time of the month, she might be trading plenty of paint out there,” he said. “But I think she’ll hold her own. Who’s she’s going to drive for is hard to say. I don’t think she’s leaving, so we’ll see.”

In an unrelated story, I’m still not convinced that Juan Pablo Montoya’s abandoning Formula 1 isn’t really a stunt designed to call attention to Sacha Baron Cohen’s character in “Talladega Nights.”  Though I suppose it is slightly possible that Montoya might’ve been too easily swayed by Allstate’s recent wishful-thinking ad campaign with their utopian version of the average female NASCAR fan.