From the Journal News’ Mike Doughtery.

It’s probably easier to deal with the humiliation of another wasted season on a quiet beach in some tropical corner of the world.

A matching beverage might help the situation, too.

So to make certain nobody on the Knicks’ roster gets lazy, player-development coach Greg Brittenham (above) is providing the soundtrack for another extended summer vacation. It’s called the voice of reason.

“Oh yeah, they check on me,” said Channing Frye, who missed the last four weeks of the season with a knee injury. “And then I check on them and make sure they’re doing their jobs, too.”

Nobody gets to rest on underdeveloped laurels.

Training camp is nowadays an exercise for the mind. All of the wind sprints need to be run before a player reports. Waiting for somebody to catch up can slow down the entire operation.

“It makes it so much easier,” Knicks coach Isiah Thomas said. “You are not mentally sharp when you are fatigued. It limits execution.”

In the summer months, Brittenham is the nagging conscience players need to stay motivated. He checks in regularly with advice and reminders.

“They’re probably getting tired of me calling or visiting,” Brittenham said. “If they don’t live in the area, myself or another coach will visit at least once during the summer to see how things are going.”

The players should also be reviewing game films and developing individual skills. Eddy Curry has been in Chicago working to keep his weight down. He’s also been getting some low-post tutoring from Mark Aguirre.

Veterans such as Stephon Marbury, who plays heavy minutes, often stay off the court as much as possible to lessen the wear and tear.

While there’s no mention of Jerome James in the above article, why mess with perfection?