Not sure how I managed to miss this gem from earlier in the week, but better late than never.  From the Minneapolis Star-Tribune’s Mark Craig.

Perhaps the best opening question in the history of sports press conferences was thrown directly at the head of Packers General Manager Ted Thompson on Monday as he stood next to Koren Robinson (above), the troubled former Vikings receiver who had just been signed by the embarrassingly desperate Packers.

“Ted, what if he kills somebody in this state? Driving drunk or speeding away from cops?” asked Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Cliff Christl.

Despite Robinson’s history of alcohol-related problems, including an Aug. 15 arrest on charges that included drunken driving and felony fleeing at speeds well in excess of 100 miles per hour, Thompson never saw the question coming.

“Oh, I can’t answer anything like that,” Thompson said after a pause to gather himself. “… There’s issues in his past that obviously he’s made some mistakes, but most of those issues are covered under the confidentiality of the NFL and the NFLPA. There’s programs set up and that sort of thing, and that’s where that lies.”