More Facebook-related hate mail.

From: Clint O’Neal

To: Greg Castro

Subject: U (expletive) Spic …….

Message: Look here i dont no you but your (expletive) with the wrong person..I dont give (expletive) who you are u (expletive) river rat,,border hopper…I will come find you and drag you behind my (expletive) car you pieace of (expletive)..Or better yet I will come find you tonite and introduce you to the the (expletive) devil.. And that is me I dont give a (expletive) who u are.. But dont be suprised if you see a large mother(expletive) on your front door step…Just keep on (expletive) with me and my family u (expletive) bean eating peace of (expletive).

It should go without saying that I condemn any and all violent threats towards bean eaters.

O’Neal’s excuse is that he was upset following last week’s 70-3 loss to Texas. Which makes perfect sense. If you’re a school administrator, you can rescind a lucrative contract extension to Gary Barnett. But if you’re a mere foot solidier like O’Neal, threatening a hate crime is the only conceivable option.