It has been called to my attention by CSTB’s parent company, Cumbucket Media, that not only does some news of a sporty nature occur Monday thru Friday, but there’s also considerable evidence to suggest that web traffic is at its highest during weekday business hours.

Armed with these facts, and taking into account the needs of our advertisers (mostly gambling sites and other members of Cumbucket Media’s psuedo-blog family), I’ve decided to make the radical step of publishing new CSTB entries at times other than the weekend. I realize this is a daring move, one no other sports site has attempted, but I pledge that the very same high standards you’ve come to expect between 4 and 5am on a Saturday, will be maintained the rest of the time.

That is, presuming I am successful in finding a weekday editor. I’ve been trying ever so hard to find a person capable of mimicking the look and tone of Sports Frog, minus any sort of interesting point of view. Trusted advisors tell me there’s one such individual based in New York immensely qualified for the position, but his ethical lapses are so numerous to mention, it would be like nominating Wally Backman for Pope.

So for the time being, at least, I’ll hold down double duty — weekdays and weekends. No one means more to me than you, the readership (with the possible exception of Cumbucket Media, who are, after all, responsible for the content of this site).