You™ve been panned, you™ve been adored, you™ve received a Golden Globe nod. . .

I didn™t really want to be a movie star, and people do not understand that, because everyone wants to be a movie star, but me. Let me tell you something, man. I can™t even stomach (although I do it sometimes) dating actors, because they™re bitches. They™re women. They™re waiting around for someone to call them. You know, part of it™s self destructive as hell, and I guess a lot of people are really shocked by, you know, that kind of conscious decision that I just don™t want to play this game. Let™s also get real about it, you have a very dark, twisted, horrible thing like a suicide happen in your life, and you™re still getting fucked by the industry, but here™s the reality: Every time you buy a Nirvana record, part of that money is not going to Kurt™s child, or to me, it™s going to a handful of Jew loan officers, Jew private banks, its going to lawyers who are also bankers, its going to sixty PAs – Courtney Love,  from an interview with Heeb‘s Karen Bookatz.

The above remarks were dubbed “ANTI-SEMETIC RAVINGS” by the New York Post’s Page 6, to which Heeb’s Joshua Newman responds, “remarks made by this woman of Jewish background were being made in the context of a Jewish conversation in a Jewish magazine….this is how Jews talk to Jews.”

Newman might be entirely correct, in this case anyway. While the Widow Cobain’s deep thoughts concerning the allocation of her loot sound nothing like an conversation I’ve had without someone who wasn’t a flaming anti-semite, I can certainly allow for the possibility that this kind of dialogue happens all the time. Pair up one Jew who isn’t very bright with another that is utterly star-struck, and I’m sure this passes for shooting the breeze.

In the meantime, I’m gonna think long and hard about Ms. Love’s explosive charges.  As one of the only Jews in the entertainment business who isn’t part of the vast conspiracy to screw Frances Bean out of her private school tuition, I pledge to do my part to set things right.  For starters, I’m not gonna buy anymore Nirvana albums.