Tigers 6, Yankees 0 (Detroit leads the series, 2-1)

“TALK ABOUT THE YANKEES LOSING, PUSSY” writes one of CSTB’s more sophisticated readers, and what the public wants, the public gets.   And what more can be said about the uncharacteristically pumped-up Kenny Rogers, striking out 8 Yankees in 7 2/3’rds , seemingly on the brink of a nervous breakdown the longer he went.  Rogers claimed his stunning performance “validated my career” in a postgame interview, and while I won’t go that far (hoping in a time machine and undoing the 1999 NLCS would be a nice touch), it was pretty scary to see what the wily vet did to the vaunted Yankee batting order.  Particularly as I was watching the game somewhere over the midwest via JetBlue, and the guy next to me couldn’t stop cursing about A-Rod. Poor, poor, misunderstood, beautiful, bright and biracial Alex can’t catch a break, even at 35,000 feet.

My drive home was ruined by the moaning and mutterings of Fox Sports Radio’s Round Mound Of Wheezing Sounds, Ben Maller.   Maller, who brings to mind the cliche “a face made for radio” (if not the cousin cliche, “a mind made for delivering pizza”) did his best to play the contrarian early Saturday AM, insisting “I don’t like Kenny Rogers,” (important we all know that) and refusing to acknowledge the Tigers’ lefty could even be considered a good pitcher.

“This was the most embarrassing night in the history of the New York Yankees!” howled Maller, perhaps ignoring the fact Rogers has won 49 games the past 3 seasons, has over 200 career victories…and his slim-trim-chiseled and single battery mate is neither a slouch nor inexperienced in calling a big game against New York.