From the Associated Press, proof that you don’t need the directorial skills of Todd Phillips to party in style.

Frostburg, Md. — Six female field hockey players hazed their new college teammates by urging them to drink so much beer and liquor that one 18-year-old was hospitalized with a blood-alcohol level more than four times the legal limit, police say.

The Frostburg State University freshmen also were pelted with flour, ice and eggs, and made to sit in their own vomit and urine, according to charges filed by police in Allegany County Court.

Five of the women were charged with second-degree assault and hazing, police said Wednesday. Charges were pending against the sixth, they said.

The documents also named six victims, including an 18-year-old whom police saw being carried, unconscious, by her boyfriend along a street.

Her blood-alcohol content was measured at a hospital at 0.365; the legal limit for drivers in Maryland is 0.08.

The “secret buddy Christmas party” is thrown annually by senior team members to initiate new members, according to a police report.