Eddy Curry called last night’s 119-112 defeat of the Nuggets (observed by your bleary-eyed correspondent on the UK’s Ch. 5 — to think they could’ve given the same quality late night hours to James Whale) “probably the most fun I had in a basketball game.” And he must’ve been having a blast — Curry actually left his feet to haul down a couple of rebounds during a wild fourth quarter.

The Daily News’ Frank Isola has somehow identified the key to the Knicks’ early success — benching Wilson Chandler!

The main reason why Thomas is cutting his rotation is because he is in a win-now mode. He is doing what he should have done last season; he’s not worrying about making Isiah Thomas the team president look bad. He’s making sure that Isiah Thomas the head coach has the best chance to win games.

For example, last year Thomas the GM needed to validate drafting Renaldo Balkman in the first round and the rookie was one of 11 players that saw the court on opening night in Memphis. This year’s rookie, Wilson Chandler, has been inactive for the first two games.

Thomas is finally getting around to making the hard decisions that every head coach has to make. If David Lee and Zach Randolph are producing together, Eddy Curry will sit. If Nate Robinson is giving the Knicks energy, Thomas will pull Marbury, Jamal Crawford or Quentin Richardson, who has struggled thus far.

I love it when Isiah says “this is the year that the best people play.” My only question is, what took you so long? Wait, let me re-phrase it: why did you wait until this year to decide that only the players that give the Knicks the best chance of winning should be on the court?