Showing a flair for conceptual humor I can only hope to match someday, David Scott has advocated that ESPN make Will Leitch the next straight man for Tony Kornheiser.

Can™t you just imagine Will filling in at PTI for Wilby Wilbon (relieving Dan LeBatard of his trying-too-hard-duties)? Korn and Will would be fabulous together.

Better yet, maybe Korn can bring Deadspin Will along in the Korn Kruiser during the MNF season. Shots would sign no for a week of guest-blogging duties.

Easy as it is to poke fun at the likes of LeBatard and Wilbon (or for that matter Stephen A. Smith, Woody Paige or Skip Bayless), they’ve all demonstrated at one time or another some competency for public speaking. They might be full of shit on a regular basis, but they hardly lack for confidence when appearing on camera or talking into a microphone.

But if Scott really believes that a TV mouthpiece who exudes all the charm of Radar O’Reilly after a blow to the skull with a steel chair is what is needed to improve PTI, I’m not gonna argue.  The phrase “a face made for radio” is used very often in these instances, but in the case of the Human Whoopee Cushion, “a voice made for still photography” would be more applicable.