With all due respect to outgoing Knicks team president Donnie Walsh (above, left) for all he’s accomplished in the NBA, why in blazes is he the Alexander Haig of the New York war room this evening if his departure from the organization becomes official tomorrow?  Given the likelihood Walsh might be running a Knicks competitor at this time next year, what motive could he possibly have for doing anything to help the folks at The World’s Most Dysfunctional Arena build for the future?  “”I feel the same way I feel in every draft: intense and nervous because I don’t want to get (screwed) over,” Walsh tells the New York Daily News’ Frank Isola, neglecting to mention that in prior drafts, he actually stuck around to observe the fruit of his labors.

“I want to make a pick that is best for the franchise, particularly now that I’m leaving and won’t be here,” Walsh said last night. “But that won’t change the way I approach it. I’ve done about 27 or 28 drafts and every year you have the same feeling. It’s always intense.”

Barring a trade either up or down, the Knicks own the 17th pick in a guard-heavy draft. They do not have a second round-pick.

Walsh is in charge of the draft even though in seven days he’ll move into the always ambiguous role of consultant for one year and will not have as much power as, say, Isiah Thomas, who has been an unofficial consultant since the day Walsh replaced him.

“We have a lot of people working up here,” Walsh said. “It will be a collaboration.”