Don Smith of Our Nation’s Capital Writes :

In high school we’d repeat this joke endlessly, but I was shocked to find no reference to it online. It comes from a David Letterman baseball quiz from Late Night with David Letterman.

“Q: What’s the difference between the Mets and Pond Scum?

A: Mets: Outfielder named Mookie
Pond Scum: Everyone named Mookie”

I particularly remember repeating this joke in a math class I had with these two kids in the grade behind me- for a programmer I suck at math- one was a very short Jewish kid who IDOLIZED Marv Albert and mimicked his every line. We’re talking, being up at the chalkboard and getting a right answer and he’d be all, “Yesss, he shoots he scores” blah blah. The other kid was the taller Drew Tagliabue whose sister was friends with my sister. Their dad went on to run the NFL.

Thank you, Don. When I was in high school, we had no nasty jokes to repeat about Washington DC’s baseball team, because as you know, it would be another 20+ years before the District would be awarded a franchise STOLEN from the good people of Montreal. So we had to settle for other typical teenage pastimes, like signing Kim Kane up for subscriptions to magazines he didn’t order, or trying to determine which member of the Urban Verbs had the smallest apartment.

The story about the Marv Albert obsessive and Paul Tagliabue’s kid is amusing, but I’m afraid I’ve got you beat on that one, too. During my school days, I once saw Bob Lobel and Wendy O. Williams in the same room.

Lobel (above) was just passing through, but I’m sure everyone will agree that’s the kind of thing that doesn’t happen everyday.