Is it worth asking how the Disney Co. feels about being associated with Simmons Media’s KZNX, a station that bills itself as “ESPN Austin”? Along with the usual chunk of ESPN syndicated programming (Dan Patrick, Colin Cowherd, etc.), KZNX have been running a series of ads blasting local sports radio rivals KVET, with one (presumably unsolicited) caller describing the latter station’s Bucky Godbolt and Erin Hogan as “idiots” and another concerned citizen opining that “Craig Way needs to get his head out of Mack Brown’s crotch.”

Some of the few hours KZNX devotes to original programing (and I’m using the term loosely) are filled by the afternoon drive-time “Happy Fun Ball Show”, whose hosts Gregg Henson and Dave Tepper engage in a daily attempt at some sort of shock-jockery that you’ve all heard a million times before if you own a radio. This afternoon, caller “Ray” (who couldn’t possibly have been a ringer) described his plans for a nationwide “Gay Day” at major league ballparks, a scheme that another caller (who also sounded 101% legitimate — and I believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, by the way) identifying himself as “Adolf” responded to thusly :

There’s only one way to deal with a a stool-pusher…and that’s with a silver bullet.

(Presumably, the seven second delay is only employed when someone mentions they’ve found Tepper’s penis at the local playground and they’re calling about the reward.)

The far-too-lispy Ray shot back, crying that callers like these were typical of Henson and Tepper’s audience, and if he happened to encounter Henson at the ballgame, he’d clobber him with a rainbow bat.

“I’d beat you with your own rainbow bat and tie you to the back of my truck,”
guffawed Henson (above).