From the New York Daily News’ Michael O’Keefe and Teri Thompson.

Baseball’s disgraced all-time hit king may have hit an all-time low by signing balls with this shocking inscription: “I’m sorry I bet on baseball – Pete Rose.”

Thanks to a New Jersey auction house, you, too, can share in Rose’s sorrow. Robert Edward Auctions plans to sell 30 of the baseballs for an expected $1,000 a pop.

“This is where the baseball collectibles field has impact on the history of the game,” said Rob Lifson, president of the Watchung-based Robert Edward Auctions. “The collectibles field is not just shadowing the game – it’s affecting its history.”

Of course, some artifacts lend themselves to a signature better than others.  If you’re waiting for a signed syringe from Jason Giambi, well, don’t hold your breath.

The Tom Sizemore autographed dildo, however, might be on eBay sooner than you think.