The Baltimore Sun’s Dan Connolly is on hand for the Melvin Mora’s vent-fest.

“I think people here have taken the losing mentality,” Mora said. “I don’t like it when people think, ‘OK, we’ll go home. We played a good year or whatever.’ It’s frustrating when you see guys like the Yankees come to town and play for something and you are going nowhere. … That for me is not baseball.”

Mora said he listened in disgust as one teammate made offseason plans back in July. He said there’s a lack of appropriate leadership on the club and he’s afraid the younger guys will become nonchalant or negative, a potential epidemic throughout the organization, management included.

“Things need to change here. Big changes,” Mora said. “The Orioles can carry on, but people have to understand, I get [ticked]. I get [ticked] when I go home. My wife says, ‘Relax.’ How are you going to relax when you go to the ballpark for no reason?”

“I don’t think the fans get used to [losing], I think the fans get mad,” Mora said. “But I think the people here [do]. I see people [that when] we win the game but … are 20 games behind … they act like we win the World Series. They want to play some music, they want to play around. Hello? We are 21 behind.

“But they say, ‘We won the game.’ [Forget] that, I don’t care. … We don’t want to give up in September, but I don’t want to be playing no music. I want to play music when we go to the playoffs.”

After seeing former ChiSox fixture Frank Thomas deliver the key blow — a 4th inning, 3 run HR off Jose Contreras in the A’s 5-4 win Sunday, The Beaky Broadcaster was provoked into an uncharacteristic rip job on his employer. From the Chicago Sun-Times’ Chris DeLuca.

”This team is one of the biggest underachievers I’ve seen,” Ken Harrelson said. ”They don’t have what we had last year — that killer instinct.”

Months before the Sox were swept away by the Oakland Athletics this weekend, players had already begun musing about being ready for the season to end — making their offseason plans and apparently sitting on their laurels.

Call it a World Series hangover because the Sox clearly don’t have the hunger of a team wanting to return to the playoffs. Piranhas? The Sox, who have more talent than the wild-card-leading Minnesota Twins or first-place Detroit Tigers, are behaving more like sea snails.

”We got what we deserved,” Harrelson said.