From the New York Post’s Phil Mushnick.

Last Friday, the Hawks were in to play the Knicks. On this night, cast members from the movie “Glory Road” were guests of the Garden. Before the game, Hawk radioman Steve Holman ran into MSG Network’s Al Trautwig, incidentally, a fellow given to on-air lectures about responsible journalism.

Trautwig, Holman told The Post, was laughing at a story he’d just heard: The Hawks had seen “Glory Road” while in Washington, then were so inspired that they lost by 31 to the Wizards.

Holman told Trautwig that he got it all wrong. The Hawks, Holman explained, saw the movie several days earlier, on an off-day in Boston, then beat the Celts the next night.

“All he had to do was look at the schedule,” said Holman. “We had a road game the night before we played at Washington. There was no chance to go to the movies in Washington.”

Near the end of the first quarter, Trautwig told his MSG audience that “Glory Road” cast members were in the house, adding that the Hawks had seen the movie in Washington ” then were hammered by 31.

“So much for the glory,” Trautwig sarcastically concluded. (As if the Knicks are immune from such scorn.)

There’s no way of confirming, of course, that the entire Knicks squad attended a screening of “Looking For Comedy In The Muslim World” before being blown out by the Pistons last night.