From’s Jim Buzinski.

Former New York Giant Roy Simmons, one of only three pro football players to publicly say they™re gay, went on Howard Stern™s radio show on Sirius satellite on Thursday and gave some football analysis you™ll never hear on a network telecast.

Stern gave Simmons the names John Elway, Dan Marino and Joe Montana and told him he™d have to play “kill, fuck, marry.” Simmons’ choices, without elaborating, were: “Kill Elway. Fuck Marino. Marry Montana.” The choices were met with approval by Stern and his sidekick Artie Lang, a big Giants fan.

Simmons, who works as a counselor in a Long Island halfway house, was also asked if he would œdo either quarterback Joe Namath or Phil Simms. Namath, Simmons said. Stern added that he would also do Namath if he was gay.

Just to clarify, the Ron Simmons mentioned above is not the same Ron Simmons aka Farooq who starred for Florida State and the Cleveland Browns, as well as forging a long and successful pro wrestling career in the NWA, WCW and WWE. Just wanted to clear that up before anyone else gets hurt.