Perhaps hoping to purge himself of all memories from a tumultuous 3 year tenure in Ann Arbor, recently terminated University of Michigan head coach Rich Rodriguez has donated several laundry hampers-worth of (ahem) men’s sportswear to a local Salvation Army. Wolverines completists and/or bargain hunters are advised by the Detroit Free Press’ Steve Schrader the Rich Rod Swag Pile is up for grab’s tomorrow afternoon in what’s being called a “Coach’s Closet Tent Sale”.

Maj. John Aren said the collection includes all sorts of caps, shirts, jackets and so on — basically Rodriguez’s wardrobe the past three years — collected in 12 large bags from Rich and Rita Rodriguez’s Saline home. Most items are extra large, but some range from medium to 2XL.

“We’re going to sell everything from six bucks to, I don’t know, maybe we’ll auction off a couple of the jackets,”  Aren said. “It’ll be for not much more than 25% what they’d pay at a store.”

“I said, ‘Well, that community’s been suffering a lot of pain recently, and it might just be a God thing that something like that would happen.’ He was pretty sensitive to that kind of stuff.”

Rodriguez was looking good, said Aren, who even asked whether he would be interested in signing autographs at the sale.

“He kind of took a deep breath and said his buddies are probably going to take him someplace warm this weekend,”  Aren said.