(granted, this is the wrong Bill Callahan. But you already know what the right one looks like, and I’m too lazy to upload another photo to the CSTB server)

The following is not necessarily inspired by post-show gripes being aired in the social networking community hours after Bill Callahan (formerly of Smog, formerly of the Maryland Callahan’s) performed at a smallish Austin venue to benefit a couple of charities. It’s just a crazy coincidence

Attn : persons w/ first world problems that include a particular show (NOT BILL CALLAHAN’S) being crowded

a) please build a fucking time machine and transport yourself back to the days when said artist was playing to a dozen people or fewer. He/she or they could’ve really used your help.

b) rent or borrow some curiosity/research skills and try attending a live event that won’t be wildly oversold but might turn out to be every bit as life-altering.

c) face it, if you like a band that can draw more than 150 paying customers in 2011, you’re part of the problem. Imagine how enjoyable last night’s show would’ve been for the person standing behind you if you’d sudden dropped dead (or at least been sliced in two?)