Newsday’s Bob Glauber reports that Terrell Owens’ arbitration case against the Eagles is expect to turn out favorably for the loquacious wide receiver.

An arbitrator is expected to rule later today that Eagles wide receiver Terrell Owens’ suspension will be reduced to one or two games, and that he will immediately be reinstated. However, that won’t be the end of the story.

A league source familiar with the Eagles’ situation said this morning that the team is prepared to release Owens if he decides to return to the team and create a distraction.

If Owens’ suspension is reduced, he would be permitted to return to the team to work out at the facility. However, the Eagles have stated they plan to de-activate him for the remainder of the season. Owens has said he wants to play for the Eagles again, but if they don’t want him, he’d rather be released.