The latest come-on for Flowmax claims the product is “for guys who want to spend more time having fun and less time in the men’s room.”

Guys can’t have fun in the men’s room?

If nothing else, I finally understand why Flowmax are always banging on about loss of semen.

Apparently, A&M Records (they still exist?) would have us believe that Peter Frampton’s new album of instrumentals was “eagerly awaited.” I’m sure there were, I dunno, DOZENS of Humble Pie/Thunderclap Newman completists out there who just couldn’t live without an instrumental version of “Do You Feel Like We Do?”

“Take An NFL Player To School” sound nice enough on paper, but if Michael Strahan isn’t prepared to share hidden camera video of his sister-in-law with the entire class, I think the kids oughta invite someone else. Chris Henry, perhaps.