The New York Mets have “a lot more problems than Willie,” insists Hall Of Fame closer Goose Gossage, who tells the New York Daily News’ Ian Begley, “today you’re talking about a whole different breed of players.”

Gossage believes the dancing antics of Jose Reyes are one reason why the Mets have been in a tailspin since last September.

“There’s not enough mustard in the city to cover Reyes,” said Gossage, who was at the Stadium to give a pitching clinic to Bronx Little Leaguers and raise money to support inner-city youth baseball leagues in six cities. “He needs to act like a professional.

“I don’t want this sport to turn into football where they dance after every play. I can’t stand that – the dancing, the laughing – there’s no place for that in the game. He’s not the first great player to play – I wouldn’t even say great because he hasn’t won anything yet.”

Gossage is certainly entitled to his (crackpot) opinions, but perhaps full disclosure would be fair. Having previously slammed the late Joan Kroc for “poisoning the world”, might Goose have some personal agenda in discrediting a spokesperson for Wise Potato Chips?

Seriously, folks, if Goose has a problem with Reyes’ public expressions of joy, that’s his hang up.  But if the reliever is looking to emulate Eric Schlosser or Morgan Spurlock, let’s leave it off the sports page.