[Mr. Cosloy, pictured, receiving late breaking news of a new Mushnick column.]

An internet adult friend finding service networking hotspot, Facebook, currently lists today as the birthday of one Gerard Cosloy.  My best to you, sir.  As such, I think it might be a good thing for all of us to take a moment from enjoying our holiday to appreciate CSTB.  In much the same way George Bailey came to appreciate his life’s worth at the end of It’s A Wonderful Life, viewing a world he never touched, I wonder what the sports world would be without this forum.  In that nightmare world, Will Leitch is a respected sports journalist at a major magazine.  The Mets continue to make ineffective deals and questionable hires for manager each year.  Sports journalists like Phil Mushnick write without fear of looking ridiculous. Tim McCarver and Joe Buck’s broadcast careers go unhindered, making baseball fans everywhere miserable.  And this reporter?  Without CSTB, I would have been unable to offer managerial advice to stop the Cubs from choking in post-season, push Sam Zell to sell to Mark Cuban, and with unrelenting posting, land Jake Peavy or Randy Johnson.  It was here I broke the Roger Clemens steroid story, years before the Mitchell Report.  I had no proof, just malice and a venue to print such spite, called CSTB.

Happy Birthday Gerard!