It seems reigning Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel has generated negative publicity yet again this off-season after allegedly being kicked out of a frat party on the campus of the rival University Of Texas.   While some slow-witted types find Manziel’s behavior worthy of public censure, I’d like to remind everyone that at least he’s not been accused of sexual assault on the eve of a bowl game.  But in fairness, let’s recap the A&M QB’s most recent offenses :

1)  He dissed the Mannings by getting drunk, oversleeping, etc.

Yeah?  Well, fuck the Mannings.

2) It’s a little weird how he’d prefer to spend leisure time in Austin than College Station.

All this means is that Manziel has actually spent time in both towns.  There’s very few people with an informed opinion who wouldn’t feel the same way.

3) He made a fool of himself being ejected from a party on West Campus.

BADGE OF HONOR.  Seriously, the only thing lamer than spending the weekend at Manning Camp is being welcomed with open arms at a fucking UT frat party.