Pop critics, bloggers, self-styled activists and even some people with actual friends were dismayed by the remarks of Ku Klux Klan Imperial Wizard Ray Larsen at last month’s EMP Pop Conference.

Larsen (shown above), during a Q&A session moderated by ’80’s synth icon Howard Jones (ably filling in for Anthony DeCurtis), opined that “Common’s albums are overrated”, “I’m gonna grow very old waiting for Rakim to do anything halfway interesting again” and speculated that “at least one member of En Vogue has a penis.”

We’re told that some portion of those in attendence walked out, missing the finale in which Larsen threw his back out attempting to breakdance to Newcleus’ “Jam On’s Revenge.”

In the resulting firestorm, a couple of blogs that claim to be read by only a thousand people a day, have called Larsen “a reactionary”, “poorly dressed”, and most spectacularly, “a racist”.

I’m still weighing all the evidence here.  I think it would do everyone a disservice to label this man a racist in a public forum unless we are 100% certain he has hatred in his heart (and/or can prove the En Vogue penis theory).