With an incident almost certainly overshadowed by plagiarism allegations aimed at Woody Paige, his Denver Post colleague Natalie Meisler was accused of keying a truck in a Whole Foods Parking 9 days ago.  From Westword’s Michael Roberts :

A police report about the incident states that Robbie Knight was waiting for a space at the market while behind the wheel of his 2011 silver Toyota Tacoma pickup — and even though he had his turn signal on, a green Honda Civic piloted by Meisler pulled in ahead of him. He told cops he tapped on his horn twice to express his displeasure, prompting Meisler to flail her arms and mouth an obscenity.

She did, however, pull out of the space, allowing Knight to park there. His wife then went to the store to shop, while he stayed in the truck with his kids — something that may not have been apparent to folks outside due to his tinted windows.

Shortly thereafter, Knight said he heard a grinding sound and looked to see Meisler outside his vehicle, her hands moving back and forth. After dismounting and surveying the damage to his Tacoma’s exterior, he asked, “What the (expletive) are you doing?” He claimed she replied, “You’ve just assaulted me. It’s your word against mine.”