When San Diego’s XX Sports decided to give the untried and untrained duo of Irwin Earl Milan (aka ATL Earl) and Jordan Smith (aka Jordan from Downtown) the station’s afternoon drivetime slot, at least one area observer insisted those in charge “have lost their minds”.  Said observer seems vindicated coming on the heels of Smith and Earl’s suspension for comments regarding Chargers RB LaDanien Tomlinson.  From the San Diego Union Tribune’s Jay Posner :

Remember to read this while shouting at the top of your lungs so you can sound as obnoxious as Jordan:

“He has the nerve, LT, to come out and say, ‘We’ve done a lot of stuff here.’ Well, what have you done here, LT? … What stuff have you done here? What stuff? What stuff, if it’s all about winning? You tell me, LT. You’ve done nothing here. Nothing. I don’t care about your MVP. I don’t care about you breaking the touchdown record. Get us a Super Bowl. That’s all I care about.

“ Then, in a reference to the Thanksgiving turkey giveaway that LT hosts every year for needy families in San Diego County, Jordan said, œI’m listening to Mama LT this morning with Scott (Kaplan) and BR (Billy Ray Smith) “ and God bless them, too, bringing up the turkeys again … do me a favor, stick the turkeys up your (bleep). I don’t care about the turkeys. I don’t care about your charity.

Later he also said Tomlinson could œstick the community in the same place as the turkeys.

At the station, where morale has plunged since Hal Brown gave the Bozos a show, employees were besieged with calls and e-mails. Several listeners sent copies of their e-mails to me, and some threatened never to use the product of a station sponsor as long as these guys are at XX.

The most popular question, however, has been a version of this: What can we do to get these guys off the air?

They’ve done it themselves. Maybe, just maybe, it’s for good.