Other than a 99-97 loss at Denver last night, what might Mark Cuban have taken exception to in the final moments of the above YouToob clip?  According to the Rocky Mountain News’ Aaron J. Lopez, an elbow thrown by Denver’s J.R. Smith in the direction of the Mavs’ Antoine Wright during the 2nd quarter was the Owner With A Boner’s primary gripe.

“I do take exception with players throwing elbows that could have severely injured one of our players,” Cuban wrote in an email to the News. “I was very cordial in letting Mr. Smith know that I will be turning it into the league, and I expected him to be suspended for it.”

Smith, who left the team™s practice court without talking to reporters Wednesday, tried to extend an olive branch to Cuban after the game by sending him a pair of autographed shoes.

“I sent them back, saying he should sell them, if you could get anything for them, to help pay for the fine he was going to face,” Cuban wrote.

“I think this is a lot of . . . Cuban just going off on something that happens almost every game,” George Karl replied. “There was no contact. It wasn™t even close. It was more of a . . . `He hit me, I™m showing him. I™m not stepping down,™ but nothing happened.”

“I have a lot of respect for George, but it™s a shame that he thinks it™s just part of the game to throw elbows anywhere near another player™s head. It™s not,” Cuban replied after reading Karl™s comments. “There are sportsmanship rules that specifically prevent it. I don™t think its very good for the game if guys are throwing elbows above the shoulders at each other and justifying it by saying they missed.”

“Stay away from my players, stay off the court, don™t get involved,” Karl said. “Don™t tell me you™ve done it before. If you™ve done it before, it was wrong before and it™s wrong now.

“If you want to interact, interact with the league office and interact with your own players, but don™t mess with my players. There™s no room for it. If this was a normal fan, he would have been banned from the building and maybe not ever let back in the game. When the game starts, he is a fan. After the game, he™s an owner, but during the game he™s a fan.”