1) Mattias Askew of the much maligned Cincinnati Bengals, tased following a minor traffic violation (link courtesy Jason Cohen).

2) Texas’ Tarrell Brown and Tyrell Gatewood, allegedly tased prior to facing marijuana and handgun possession charges.

3) Chargers LB Steve Foley (above) was allegedy unarmed when he was shot 3 times of an off-duty police officer on Sunday.

Admittedly, I have no experience in the field of law enforcement. But I do know that you can catch more flies with honey (or at least that’s the way it turned out in my kitchen).  With so many opening gambits to choose from —- “Can I have your autograph?” “Where did you get those rims?” and “How about that Bryant Gumbel?” amongst them, why must our civil servants be so quick to bust out the tasers and other weaponry?