Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski, as quoted by the Arizona Republic’s Dan Bickley.

“I think the caliber of people who run the Suns, who play and coach for the Suns . . . people can identify with them,” Krzyzewski said. “Steve Nash is somebody you want to live next door to, and not just because it would mean you’re living in a really nice neighborhood.

“But also, how good of a guy is Mike D’Antoni? I’ve heard all about Shawn Marion in the community. And what I’m saying is, they’re like the people’s team. They don’t big-time anybody, and that’s the thing I love. It’s not just about the style of play. It’s the style of people.”

Yeah, they don’t big-time anyone.

Seriously though, unless you had young children that were easily scared, I don’t see why Chris Kamen would make a bad next-door neighbor.