There’s a particularly wonderful passage in John Joseph’s harrowing & funny  “The Evolution Of A Cro-magnon” in which the protagonist puts the fear of G-d into a disrespectul Dave Mustaine.  Perhaps the latter’s current publicist might want to enlist Joseph’s assistance during Megadeth upcoming promo tour?    The following bit of press release magic is culled from The :


Wow, the last week has just slipped right past me and here we are getting ready to start mixing, mastering (no worries here), and sequencing the record. We have all of the 12 songs done and ready to be revealed soon.

I am also going to start doing interviews for the new record and of course the upcoming Megadeth and SLAYER dates in Canada. Let me assure you though, the interviews may be really short, because if I get asked anything antagonistic or I am told, ‘Someone said this and someone said that,’ it will be over. I don’t care.

I am honestly looking forward to these dates, and hopefully more than just breaking the ice and doing four concerts with some old friends. I currently have the flu so this is going to be short.

I love you all and thanks for checking in on me here, and at TheLIVELine.”