The Montreal Alouttes and the Edmonton Stampeders will collide Sunday evening in the 93rd Grey Cup, and while the NFL has to settle for the lowly Bruce Springsteen as entertainment for their showpiece event, the CFL has no shortage of star power on hand this week ;  April Wine (above), Porn Flakes and a U2 cover band.

It’s against that sort of a glittering backdrop that TSN’s Chris Schultz warns players from both squads, “what starts out as an innocent social moment can quickly turn into a late night that saps your energy for the entire week.”  Indeed, who wants to be remembered as the Canadian version of Eugene Robinson?

In 1987, my first Grey Cup – Edmonton and Toronto from Vancouver – we had a couple of wild child’s and it took away from our chance to win. When we watched the film later in the week, you could see who was worn out before the end of the half. Although I understand these moments of activity, they truly are unforgivable.

Do the two head coaches in this game need to remind the players that this is a business trip only? Of course, one strong comment by the head coach can keep a player aware of making the right decision at the right moment.

It is interesting that as time goes by, you’re more consciously aware of missed opportunities than made accomplishments. If come Grey Cup Sunday, you have not done everything you can to be ready for everything, you will regret it. It could be as simple as spending extra time in study for an opponent, or making sure to be back in your hotel room before the party below starts.

To be able to participate in a Grey Cup is a memory for life and a ring to show you were there. Do not let the city take it away from you.